Installing nodeJS, MongoDB, AngularJS

nodeJS is a server side scripting language based on JavaScript.

Installing nodeJS:

Navigate to nodeJS and download the latest LTS version of nodeJS

Click on downloaded file.

Click on add node to PATH which will enable you to use node from cmd.

Once the installation is finished goto cmd

node --version

It will show you the version of node installed

npm --version

It will show the version of npm installed.

Now your node is ready to use

Checking nodeJS:

Goto cmd.exe by typing cmd in run

type node


It return Hello and undefined.

This ensures you have node installed.

Installing MongoDB

Goto MongoDB website and download the latest version of MongoDB

Click on downloaded file

Install it

MonogoDB is installed.

Installing AngularJS

Download latest production version of AngularJS from website

It will download angular.min.js

Goto your project html file and add

<script type="text/javascript" src="path_to_js/angular.min.js">

into your head section

Angular is ready to go!!!

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