Some useful JavaScript frameworks to build Web Applications faster

  • React and Flux is the hot new thing (especially the just-released React Native. Developed and used by Facebook. It is really good.
  • Angular (the old but popular, big thing, developed by Google). Currently between two very different major versions so I’d stay away for a few months until the dust settles.
  • Backbone is a good-old MVC framework for use in the client side of things.
  • node.js and io.js. They are the same thing, where io.js is a recent fork. Think the hudson/jenkins split. Use node.js for now, but there is a good chance that io.js will win out, so be aware.
  • npm is the major package manager for JavaScript. It’s has a module for goddamn everything. There is also jspm and bower. jspm is nice but too new, but Bower is stupid and should be avoided (See: Why use Bower when there is npm?
  • Browserify is the best thing since sliced bread – it allows you to use npm modules in the browser, not just the server.
  • Gulp and Grunt are build systems. Gulp is the newer one, but pretty mature. It’s the one you should use.
  • express.js is what you want if you want to build stuff server-side.
  • Meteor is a super futuristic and cool full-stack framework that is awesome but does pretty much everything in a different way than everyone else. It’s very popular, and you should definitely try it to get your mind blown.
  • jQuery is to JavaScript what WordPress is to PHP. Everyone learns it and then tries to do everything with it. You should not do this. jQuery is a good tool for DOM manipulation, use it for that and nothing else.

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