Two ways to create Android App

Approach 1:

Use native android building tools and write code in Java for App to work

If you want to use a Database write serverside logic in a way that it serves you the required data in the form of JSON. So the idea here is to build API that interacts with Database and serves you data for request you send.

Then you can process the JSON and use the data in your app.

Technology required: Java(for android app and server), XML (only for UI), android(learn about activity class, Intent Class, Fragments)

Approach 2:

Build a serverside logic that serves JSON as above in any language you want.

For app you can write the code in HTML, CSS and Javascript. There is AngularJS, Ionic Framework etc., If you want to use native libraries of android you can use Cordova which helps to access the native libraries of andoird (such as contacts etc.,)

Use AngularJS or ionic framework to build UI and get data by your server and render it as app through Phonegap

Phonegap basically converts HTML, CSS, Javascript into .apk file for you to install in android phones. You can also convert it into iPhone app, Blackberry app etc.,

Technology required: Any server side language (Java, ruby, python etc.,), Javascript frameworks (Ionic/ AngularJS) If you are interacting with native android (cordova)

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