Using Route53 for aliasing Cloudfront distributions

  • Amazon Route 53 to help you get a website or web application up and running.
  • Hope you have followed my previous blog posts for deploying Serverless React Applications for deploying the application into s3 and pointing a custom domain in cloudfront with ssl.
  • copy the domain name for the created distribution from the previous blog post.
  • Login to your AWS Console

  • Now Go to the services menu in the top left and search for ‘route 53’  and choose the same.18-route53
  • In the left side menus click on ‘Hosted zones’ and now click on the domain name that you wish to add your react application.19-hostedzone
  • Now click on ‘Create Record Set’ and you would see the form to create record set in the right side.20-create-recordset
  • In the name box provide  a name which will be a sub domain.21-adddomain
  • You would find Alias radio button below it.Choose ‘Yes’.
  • In the ‘Alias Target’ paste the copied cloudfront url.
  • Now Click ‘Create’ button.
  • Wait for sometime for DNS to propopgate
  • Now go to a new tab and type the new domain that you created
  • Wow!! you should see your react application in your new domain with SSL setup.

Happy React and AWS!!!

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